Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Worcester Races

Mooring next to Worcester Race Course definitely has its advantages.  Not only did we have the Beer Festival last weekend, but last night it was race night.  We've been walking Chico on the race course but when we took him out before tea last night we had to go further up Pitcroft Park as our normal entrance was blocked off.  It didn't stop us watching the racing though.

This was the 5.20pm race. There were only 5 runners.  First was the favourite Allerford Jack at 11/10.
I felt sorry for the one who came last.  By the time they came past us for the second lap the poor horse was knackered and had to make a huge effort to get over the hurdles.  At least he finished, even though he was way behind.

We've had our 48hrs here so we'll be moving on again tomorrow.  The mooring warden comes round collecting the £3.50 fee at around 8.30.  So far he's knocked us up every morning, tomorrow I'm determined to be up before he comes. A lot of the boats who moor here leave before he turns up and so avoid paying the fee.

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