Friday, 12 October 2012

Back on the Macc.

We came up Bosley Locks yesterday morning in heavy drizzle, as usual. If I had a pound for every time it's rained when we've done this lock flight I'd be rich!

It's been 18 months since we left the Macc. and there's been a noticeable deterioration in the state of the locks and the towpath. This large hole has appeared but instead of being filled in it's been fenced off.

This lock landing has collapsed and fenced off, which makes it difficult for single-handers to get on or off their boat and the towpaths are a disgrace. The mud was ankle deep and there are pot-holes and deep ruts all over the place.

But on the plus side (?) BW, in collaboration with the Lottery Fund, have installed 2 education boards beside the locks.

Despite us being first up the flight and passing 4 boats coming down,  a third of the locks were over half full and had to be emptied before we could go in.  This was entirely due to leaking gates as you can see here.

We've been travelling with David Cummins who bought one of our boats several years ago and who's since become a good friend.   He's single-handing so followed us up the flight and despite having to empty locks for us, then re-set them for him coming up behind us, we managed a fairly fast ascent.  1 hour 50 mins. after we set off, this was David coming into the top lock.

This is Hovis Mill in Macclesfield.  We moored here at Macclesfield Canal Centre for 5 years and as Thursday night is "Lad's Night Out" we moored on the visitor moorings and went out.

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