Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Freedom Here We Come!

After a few days hard work clearing out the house, taking crap to the tip and better quality crap to the local hospice charity shop,  we FINALLY managed to set off on our travels again.

At 4.45 we did a quick self pump-out and headed off into the glorious sunshine.

Roger worked the lift bridge

and I drove

and we celebrated with pints of Speckled Hen and Lancaster Black. You can keep your champagne, I'd much rather have a beer...........

The wildlife was out in abundance to watch us leave Duckinfield

I hate these feral pigeons, dirty disease ridden vermin.............now wood pigeon is a different matter all together, especially lightly pan fried in a salad........YUM !!

We eventually moored up for the night just after 7.30. We're at Hyde Bank, ready to go up Marple locks in the morning. The sheep are bleating, the trains are whizzing past and the electricity pylons are buzzing..........it's sheer heaven!

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K Ville said...

I was listening to a radio 4 program about pigeons. They aren't as disease ridden as we think apparently. It was really interesting. It explained a lot about why they are like they are and why we all hate them so much.

Glad you are on the move again :) bottoms up :)