Thursday, 26 September 2013

Through Harecastle Tunnel

When we got back from Morrisons in Congleton yesterday, one of the boats we built had moored up behind us. We haven't seen Mick and Jayne on Dawn Owl since the spring so we spent a very pleasant evening with them catching up. It was lovely to see you both, thanks for your company.

As I made up the bed last night this monster spider appeared from below it.  You can get some idea of how large it was as originally I thought it was a daddy long-legs. The circle is the flush ball in our toilet and is about 3" in diameter. I quite like spiders - outside the boat - but the thought of this crawling over my face in the night unfortunately meant it had to meet it's maker.

Today we carried on down the Macc and arrived at Harecestle Tunnel with 5 minutes to spare before it closed for the day.  We made it through in a record time for us and even the tunnel man was amazed that we did it in 31 minutes.  It's been another glorious afternoon and we're now moored at Westport Lake.

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