Sunday, 10 November 2013

Casserole cooked on the fire

I've had a bit of a cock-up with the blog and deleted a post by mistake so I apologise if  this seems a bit familiar.

I'd said how much I love being on the boat in winter as it's so cosy and warm and how I cook casseroles on the fire which means no slaving over a hot stove.

Photo: I love winter on the boat, it's so cosy and warm and the dinner slow cooks on the fire so no slaving over a hot stove :-)

Caroline posted a comment, which also got deleted, asking how long it takes to cook a casserole on the fire. I suppose the answer depends on how hot the fire is at the time, but I usually start it off at lunchtime on the stove to make sure it's boiling before transferring it to the fire where it sits slowly bubbling away all afternoon. We always have the fire banked down during the day, especially if we're travelling, so it really is slow cooking and takes at least 4 hours for a casserole or stew.  My dish is 20cm diameter which is just large enough for two good sized portions and fits nicely on the stove top without overhanging which means it's stable enough to leave there even when travelling.  

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caroline and martin said...

thank you Yvonne, I cooked a casserole on hour log burner today, and left it for 6 hours, cooking from cold, brilliant, meant \I could spend most of the day outside, will certainly be doing it again, your post sparked something we had been thinking about doing for a while. Caroline