Saturday, 30 November 2013

Detour for Diesel

Yesterday we came down the 21 locks at Wolverhampton. It was a pretty uneventful trip, compared to when we came up the locks, and we didn't see another boat all day.  We stopped in Lock 10 and nipped to the butty wagon, which is always parked just over the bridge, for mid-morning bacon butties.

A bit later on the heavens opened and we got drenched. Thank heavens for waterproofs!

Recently, the locks have been closed while repairs were carried out. CRT said the repairs were at Lock 2 but the only signs of repairs we could see were at Lock 20 (2 from the bottom)

After a short cruise on the Staffs & Worcester, we did a detour up the Shropshire Union Canal. We were running on fumes and by going to Turners at Wheaton Aston we reckon to save around £40 on diesel compared to Birmingham prices.

We finally moored for the night at Brewood. I'm not a great fan of these moorings as there's no internet signal and they're usually full of 'lurkers' and dog shit.  This time was no exception and we both got our boots covered in the stuff and that's despite being moored right opposite the dog bin.  When I took Chico out this morning I had to clear up outside the boat as some dirty sod had let their dog crap in the middle of the path right in front of the bin.

Today has been beautiful and sunny again and we enjoyed our trip to Turner's.  The diesel was 75.9 p/l compared to 95 p/l when we were in Birmingham, and we filled with water and dumped the rubbish before coming back down the Shroppie.

We're moored on the SUCS (Shropshire Union Canal Society) moorings in the middle of nowhere.  The canals are very quiet and in the past 3 days we've only seen 2 other moving boats.

It's been a spectacular sunset so hopefully the weather will be good again tomorrow.


Justjen said...

I don't know what bacon butties are but they sound alright!!

Yvonne said...

They're bacon sandwiches Jen. Butties is a northern England term for a sandwich.