Sunday, 1 December 2013

A long day's cruise

We had a very long day's cruise today as we needed to be through Longford Lock this evening. It took us 7.5 hours to do the 10 locks and 15 miles from last night's mooring, but we managed to get through just as the CRT man arrived to close it ready for the works to start in the morning.

The work boat and materials had already arrived.

It's been perfect cruising weather again and was quite warm at times in the sunshine.  It must have been good flying weather too as we saw a couple of microlights and a hot air balloon.

When we got to Rodbaston Lock the sky went very dark and I thought we were in for a storm. Thankfully it never happened although we did get a few spots of drizzle.

I think Rodbaston Lock could do with a bit of attention. This "pisser" was much bigger than last time we came through.

One of the recognised side effects of the chemotherapy I had earlier this year is a phenomenon known as "chemo brain". Basically it affects your coordination and one of the worst things for me was that I couldn't knit or crochet. My hands just wouldn't do what my brain was telling them to.  This week I decided enough was enough and tried crocheting again.  After a few botched attempts and much swearing I finally managed to make this jacket for my daughter's baby which is due in January.  I was really happy and now that I've cracked it again there'll be no stopping me.

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