Friday, 21 March 2014


It was a beautiful sunny morning and VERY windy but that didn't deter us from moving. We stopped at Sileby Mill boat yard for diesel, coal and water and are now moored up for the night just below Birstall Lock.

The guys renewing the moorings by Hope & Anchor Bridge are doing a really good job and it's good to see they're re-using the old bollards.

Their work boat could do with a bit of TLC as it was blowing our thick black smoke. The driver had to turn the engine off while we passed.

On the stretches between locks I did a bit of baking. I used up last night's left-over mash and made potato cakes and I also made a couple of small Mediterranean chickpea, olive and rosemary loaves which we had for lunch.  I adapted the recipe from this one and it was delicious, definitely one to make again although next time I think I'll use more olives.

While the oven was on for the bread I also knocked up a rhubarb crumble. I haven't seen any fresh rhubarb in the shops yet so I used tinned which is one of my store-cupboard staples.


James said...

I do like your baking days Yvonne, there is a great grocers up in the village called the purple pair.

Yvonne said...

Purple seems to be a common name for good food stores. Purple Pig butchers in Loughborough have the best sausages we have ever had, not cheap but if you buy 2lbs they give you the 3rd lb free so it works out very reasonable. Their Old English pork are amazing!