Saturday, 22 March 2014


It's been another gloriously sunny day but that sunshine was quite deceptive as it was also extremely windy and bitterly cold and we were bundled up in hats and gloves for the journey.  We set of fairly early as we wanted to get to Leicester before lunchtime and passed close by the National Space Centre on the way.

We had our own display of formation mallard swimming for "Sport Relief"

I love mooring in city centres. The building in the background is the Holiday Inn who charge £106 a night whereas we get prime moorings for FREE!!

I was surprised how quiet the city centre was. Last time we were here in JULY 2011 the centre was buzzing and there were lots of lovely independent shops and a huge market. Today there were lots of empty shops and the market has shrunk to about half the size. I suppose it's a depressing sign of the times.

I liked this wedding "cake" that we saw in the Original Pie Shop. It's a 3 tier pork pie....perfect for a friend of mine who's getting wed next year.


K Ville said...

Are you coming any further south? I'm hoping to give you a wave as I run the banks. I'm around Debdale/Foxton a lot :) I'll keep my eye out for you :)

Yvonne said...

We'll be passing both Debdale and Foxton tomorrow (Tuesday) as we're going into Market Harborough for a while. Hope to see you around.