Thursday, 20 March 2014

The day the Beacon went out

I can finally reveal the real reason we came to Loughborough back in December.

We've known Ally Myers who is one of the directors of Beacon Boats for several years, mainly from after-show sessions in the beer tent at Crick Boat Show. In late Autumn her business partner "Bugs" had a serious stroke and was unable to continue fitting out the boat they were currently working on so she got in touch with Roger on the off chance that he was available and willing to help her finish the boat. As we had no definite plans for the winter we decided Loughborough was as good a place as any to visit and stay, little knowing just how long we'd be here when the river went into flood on New Year's Day!  Ally had someone doing the woodwork and Roger helped out for a few days with the electrics and plumbing and on Tuesday this week "Bisbigliando" was finally launched.

 The new owners christened the boat with a splash of Hobgoblin ale

before Roger took them for their inaugural test cruise.

Obviously with Bugs having had a major stroke he's not able to work for the foreseeable future, so with much regret they've decided to call it a day and close the company. Just as when we closed Crown Narrowboats 4 years ago, they can hold their heads up and be proud that they have gone out still solvent, with no debts and with their reputation intact.

It was a standing joke between Ally and Roger that she was definitely the boss and he was one of her I made him a "Minion" hat which he wore for the craning.

I got the pattern from one of the crochet blogs that I follow. If you'd like to make one for your favourite little minion you can get the pattern HERE

Now that the boat's been launched and Ally no longer needs us we can finally leave the area, so tomorrow we're starting off towards Market Harborough. We would have gone today but I had another appointment back in Manchester. This time it was a surgical follow-up rather than acupuncture but having to get up at 5.45 and trudge up the M6 was a real pain. I'm really looking forward to cruising again so let's hope the wind and rain die down overnight otherwise I'll be digging the thermals and waterproofs out again.


Ally said...

Thanks so much to you both for your precious support in many ways, to enable me to get the final boat finished. A sad time, but glad to gave renewed our friendship. You are both true stars! Xx

Yvonne said...

Thanks Ally X