Saturday, 19 April 2014


I'm really enjoying the Oxford Canal. I suppose the continuing good weather helps but so far it's really rural with huge fields of rape seed, sheep and lambs or cows and calves.

These calves were really interested in the boat and all stopped and turned to watch us go past

until Chico barked at them and they all ran away

The coal boat "Gosty Hill" is up for sale

We've been attacked by a couple of male swans recently. They seem to think our boat is a rival and are protecting their nesting mates.

This sunken working boat was just above one of the lock landings (can't remember which one) and still has a drum kit on board. I really doubt that the floatation barrels and water pump will be able to refloat it anytime soon.

Anyone want a restoration project?

We've come into Cropredy Marina for a few days to catch up with friends Keith & Bronwyn on another of our boats "Kotuku". Last night we went into the village for an excellent meal at the Brasenose Arms and tonight we're planning a return visit as it's Blues Night.

Poor old Chico wasn't happy and went to his "safe place" under our bed.

What had frightened him?  A 50p flimsy plastic fly swatter!

He's a rescue dog who must have been beaten in his previous life and, although he's lived with us for 6 years now, if either of us picks up the swatter or suddenly raises an arm anywhere near him he runs off to hide under the bed where he stays quivering and quaking until he thinks it's safe to come out. I doubt he'll ever get over it and if I ever get my hands on whoever was responsible for scaring him so much I couldn't answer for my reactions!


Elly and Mick said...

Ohhh... poor little man. Doesn't it just make your blood boil to think someone could be cruel to an innocent animal. I always think its a good judge of someone's character.
Elly (counting down the days on Parisien Star)

Nb Yarwood said...

I will 'hold your jacket' if you ever do catch the brute that traumatised Chico. I concur with your sentiments entirely, animal cruelty and child cruelty are abhorrent behaviours.