Friday, 13 June 2014


We've seen lots of herons today. I think the heatwave is making them a bit dopey as they've nearly all stayed put when we went past instead of flying off.

This one was fishing in the storm drain below the road bridge in Oxford. It was still there 2 hours later when we got back from our walk around the city.

The sluice beside his fishing spot looks like it's used to quickly drop the river level in times of flood, diverting some of the water into the storm drain.

We were a bit concerned that we'd be able to moor above Osney Lock as we'd been hearing stories from other boaters about how busy it was but when we arrived the lock-keeper told us all the "gin palaces" had left this morning and the visitor moorings were now empty.

We're staying here for the weekend as we've got friends coming tomorrow and it's really convenient for the station which is only a 5 minute walk away. It'll be interesting to see if the moorings fill up again tomorrow.

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