Thursday, 28 August 2014

Cambridge to St Neots

Since leaving Cambridge the Internet reception has continued to be pretty poor.

We've seen lots of kingfishers along the river but the most prolific bird in this part of the world has to be the Cormorant. There are so many on the river, fishing or sunning themselves, that they are no longer a novelty.

This is the beautiful arched bridge at St. Ives.

The riverside moorings were full so we nipped down a small inlet to moor on The Waits council 48hr moorings. They weren't the best moorings we've ever been on as the quayside was very high and we struggled getting Chico on and off the boat. It was also narrow and a dead end so narrowboats had to reverse out although plastic cruisers could just about turn around.

Once past St. Ives the river became much more interesting. The Great Ouse is quite boring in parts as it's very straight with high flood banks but here it was wider and winding with open flood plains and some beautiful houses reminiscent of the Thames. We saw several thatched houses and also this thatched boat house.

Last night we moored on GOBA moorings near Brampton Mill which still has a working waterwheel.

Our last lock  today was at St. Neots. It was very long and just for a change it had the guillotine gate at the down-stream end and "normal" windlass operated V gates at the top end.

We're now moored in the centre of town on The Priory Centre 48 hr moorings on a floating pontoon. There are unofficial park moorings on the opposite bank but as we're meeting friends here tomorrow this seemed an easier place for them to find. I'm really happy to say that the weather has improved drastically and it's been very warm and sunny again today. Summer's not over yet!

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