Friday, 5 December 2014


We've spent the last couple of days on the visitor moorings at Rugby. It's a very handy place to moor as it's only a couple of hundred yards to Tesco and then another few hundred yards to the retail park. I'd been running down the cupboards and freezer over the past few weeks so we needed 2 trips to Tesco to re-stock. Thank heavens for "granny trolleys" I dread to think how long my arms would have been if I'd had to carry it all in bags.

We also needed to visit PC World as my lap-top is almost old enough to draw it's pension, but the shiny new one I'd set my heart on was out of stock. I've reserved one at the store in Coventry so that will be our next port of call.

Today we moved to the 14 day moorings at Brinklow which were almost full, in fact we just managed to slip in between two other moored boats. 

It's been a beautiful sunny afternoon so after lunch we took Chico and went walkabout into Brinklow village. There's not a lot in the village apart from a Post Office and two chip shops, but they do have a really nice, well cared for, war memorial

and a fancy name post

Oh, and they've also got a castle which dates back to the 12th century

although all that remains is the grassy Motte

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