Tuesday, 2 December 2014

A good weekend

We had a really good weekend moored in Branston.  It was lovely to catch up with old friends Joan & John from n.b. Tagine Queen which is one of the boats we built. They've been living on board for the past 9 years and are still loving it.  It's the sign of good fiends when the time passes in a flash and almost four hours later we said our goodbyes.  The Sunday lunch served in the Admiral Nelson pub was very nice too. We all had the 12 hour braised and roasted brisket of beef and can highly recommend it. I'm glad the pub has re-opened and is serving food again and it's to be hoped the new owners last longer than the previous ones.

Over Sunday night the water level in the pound had dropped by almost 2 feet and we were firmly on the bottom.

There was no obvious reason for the drop in level but when we managed to re-float and set off down the next lock the leaking doors showed just how much water was being lost. As one of the bottom gates had been left open all that water was just running away.

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