Saturday, 24 January 2015


We had a really fast trip down the next 10 locks on Thursday despite the majority of them being empty and needing filling before we could use them. It's nice to be back working the locks and we seem to be vying for the windlass in the morning to see who gets to do the work and who gets to drive. I know which I prefer! Luckily Audlum locks are close enough together for us to share the work and Roger was going on to set the next lock while I operated the one we were going down. I don't think I'd manage to single-hand the boat through locks yet but that's certainly something I'd like to try later in the year.

A new butchers has opened in the village since we were here last and they have enterprisingly installed a large advertising sign half way down the locks.  I paid them a visit yesterday but they're extremely expensive and seem to specialise in the more upmarket cuts of meat like fillet steak and designer sausages. 

We stayed overnight on the 24 hour visitor moorings in the village but resisted the urge to visit any of the 3 pubs. It's the first time we've ever been able to stop here as it's such a popular spot, but this time it was empty apart from one other boat which had obviously been there a while.

It was a pretty grim overcast day yesterday but we carried on down the rest of the locks and are now moored in a beautiful spot overlooking the River Weaver which as yet is not much more than a bit of a stream.

Just before we left Audlum I went in the Co-op and stocked up on baking supplies and had a "bake-in". Potato cakes, banana and sultana pancakes and fruit buns.  Yum!

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