Sunday, 21 June 2015

Paired up down Hatton

It's been another lovely day, sunny and warm with only a slight breeze. Perfect weather for going down the 21 locks at Hatton.

We tied both boats together and I drove while Roger and David did all the hard work.

I haven't done that before but it was surprisingly easy. We had to untie them to get out of the second lock as one of the gates wouldn't open properly but re-tied them and did the remainder that way.

We passed several boats coming up the locks but only one other pair tied together. This pair were moored in one of the pounds waiting for me to come out of the lock. It was a bit tricky steering as the wind had suddenly whipped up and the steerer of the other pair made a snidey remark about me "finally making it" into the lock.  Karma works amazingly well though, and as I turned round to see how he'd got on he totally cocked it up and ended up with both his boats sideways across the pound. I bet that took the sneer off his face!

It took us 3 and a half hours to descend the flight of 21 locks, dropping 148 feet in just under 2 miles. Hatton flight is also known as The Stairway to Heaven as the locks come thick and fast and this must be quite a daunting sight for novice hire boaters going up.

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