Monday, 17 August 2015

More from London

Among other things on Sunday we went to Covent Garden. As we passed the doorway to a gallery this multi-coloured light display caught our eye and we popped in for a quick look.

It turned out to be an exhibition of shoes - much more my thing than the Tate Modern that I'd found so disappointing.

Yesterday we visited Greenwich. I had wanted to go round the Cutty Sark but it was absolutely packed with foreign tourists so we gave it a miss

and went round the National Maritime Museum instead

They have a fantastic display of figure heads taken from ships dating back as far as 1809

and how about this for a ship in a bottle?

After the Maritime Museum we walked up the very steep path to the Royal Observatory where we passed a pleasant couple of hours waiting for our booked visit to the Planetarium. We watched a show of "The Sky Tonight" which I found very interesting and which has inspired me to dig out my telescope again once we get back out into the countryside and away from the city light pollution.

Today we've been down to Limehouse Basin to see about doing the Thames passage from there to Teddington

We bumped into Nick on n.b. Rosa who had been so helpful when we arrived in Paddington in the thunder storm and who helped us get moored quickly. He was booked to go out of Limehouse Lock at 1.15 so after chatting to the lock keepers we decided to hang around and watch him go out and also take some photos for him.

He was going to be doing the passage with a large Dutchie

The gates opened

and they were off

They'd definitely timed it right as nothing was going past when they made the turn onto the river. This huge crane came by about 20 minutes later while we were having lunch in a pub overlooking the river. I think Nick may have needed a change of trousers if that had been coming past at the wrong moment.

We had lunch in The Prospect of Whitby pub which dates back to the 16th century. It's a really nice old pub with excellent beer and good food. Have you ever seen such puffy pastry on a pie?

Bye for now

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