Sunday, 9 August 2015

Sunny Sunday

Only 3 locks today, well it is Sunday!

We moored above Apsley Lock where there's a large Sainsbury's and walked down to the next lock and The Paper Mill pub. We'd considered having our Sunday roast in The Fishery pub back where we'd moored last night but the service was so poor when we popped in for a pint last evening that we decided to try this one instead. It had been recommended to us by one of the boats we'd shared locks with yesterday and they weren't wrong.

We sat outside in the sun and had a really excellent roast beef dinner.

We were just about to cast off and continue our journey when a man from one of the other moored boats knocked on wanting Roger to fix his electrics for him.  It always seems to happen on a Sunday but as jobs are few and far between he couldn't really refuse.

Bye for now, enjoy the sunshine while it lasts

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