Thursday, 3 September 2015

Lovely Weather For Ducks!

Well the sunny weather's certainly disappeared round here, hopefully it'll perk up a bit and we'll have an Indian Summer. We haven't needed the heating on yet but if it carries on like this I think we'll be buying coal early this year.

We're now moored in Oxford and have just got back from having a rather poor lunch in Marco Pierre White's restaurant in town. I was very surprised when we went into town to see how many shops have shut down. Oxford used to have lots of lovely little independent boutiques and shoe shops but most of these seem to have disappeared and there are lots of empty properties with To Let signs on them. Even the huge Primark store had very few people buying anything.......and that must surely be a sign of the times when even they are struggling.

When we came through Henley I noticed that a lot of the moored boats were covered in tarpaulins and this didn't just seem to be in an attempt to keep them dry.  The we came across these 2 boats moored next to each other and the problem became clear.

This one had a spike rack on it's back deck instead of a tarpaulin

and this is the reason why.  They're really having big problems with the Canada geese pooping over the moored boats.

Further up the river we passed through Marsh Lock with it's weir and fish ladders

It's nice to read that there are now over 20 species of fish in the river, unfortunately Roger hasn't managed to catch any for a while. I can feel a trip to an angling shop for some new bait coming on.

Bye for now

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