Monday, 8 August 2016

One for the boys

Hi, how are you? We're both really well and enjoying the hot sunny weather.

We spent 5 days in Paddington basin and are back on the move again.  The basin is a great place to stay, if you can find a mooring that is. Twice a week there is a street food market and every Thursday there is free entertainment. Last week it was Brazilian Samba dancers in celebration of the start of the Rio Olympics.  Here are a few photos for my male readers.

Unfortunately it was the coldest day we've had for a long while and between performances the poor girls were shivering.

We're currently working our way up the Grand Union, heading back "up norf" to deliver Fizzi to her new owners at the beginning of September.  If all goes well with the out of water survey and remedial works to our new boat we should be moving in 3 weeks. It's taking so long because the boat yard in Bristol was fully booked and we just have to wait our turn.  It's not easy I can tell you.......I want it NOW!!!

(I really must work out how to add a smiley face to the blog)  Bye for now, see you again soon

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Nb Carpe Diem said...

Carpe Diem is looking forward to meeting her Sister ��