Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Fog stopped play


We were up early this morning.  6am to catch the 7.30 lock. That's way too early for me, I didn't realise there were two 6 o'clock's in the day!

We made our way into the lock as soon as the green lights came on

only to be told by the lock-keeper that the pilot had been trying to phone us to cancel due to thick fog out in the channel.   We have our phones set automatically to go silent between midnight and 8am and had stupidly forgotten to alter the setting so we'd missed his call.

Oh well never mind.  It was good practice at reversing out of the lock and back to our mooring spot. We struggled a bit with the manouvre as it's the first time we've gone any distance in reverse but we managed.  When we get on the G&S we'll be practicing reversing a LOT!!!

See you again soon to see if we manage to get away.

Bye for now

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