Sunday, 19 June 2011

Radford Bottom Lock

As it’s Sunday we didn’t move very far, just down 2 locks to moor below Radford Bottom Lock and get internet reception. Again, we’d waited to pair up down the locks and again no-one came. It had been quite busy earlier in the morning but the boats were all going the opposite way. When I went to open the lock gates there were 7 tiny ducklings swimming around with their mother sitting on the lock gate watching. The people on the last boats to come through must have shut the gates with them in there and we had a hard job getting them out before we could empty the lock. We tried bread and duck food but ended up having to chase them out with the brush.

unusual boat moored above lock 22

We moored up just past the bridge which has this sign on it. We could do with lots more of these along the canal as the cyclists round here are particularly fast and the towpath is very narrow in places.

Just 100yards along the road from the lock is a free-range poultry farm. We wandered up there before lunch and bought some huge eggs & some veg. They also sell oven-ready chickens and ducks but they were a bit out of our price bracket at £16 for a chicken and £18 for a duck!

Since we moored up 8 boats have come down the lock, all paired up and all going our way, typical! This afternoon Roger is going to service the engine and I’m going to make bread and then watch TV with the headphones in while he plays his guitar and it's his turn to cook the Sunday roast. Just what Sundays are for?

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