Sunday, 19 June 2011

Bascote Locks

Saturday - no internet
The Blue Lias pub may look very modern from the outside but it's a bit weird inside. Tables are arranged in small booths, varying from private little nooks for 2 people to slightly larger ones seating up to 8.  I think the original impression was meant to be ‘quaint’ but to be honest they just look like bus shelters, complete with tiled roof and plastic gutters. Hanging baskets dotted round the pub are filled with dusty plastic flowers…..altogether a very strange place. We didn’t eat in there as the menu was nothing to get excited about, unless you like everything fried, but the Adnams Broadside beer was excellent if a bit expensive at £3.30 a pint.

We didn’t rush to set off this morning, instead we sat and waited to see if anyone came down the Stockton Flight that we could pair up with. After an hour no-one came so we set off alone. A little while later, when I went in to brew up, I found out that I’d trodden in dog muck and had traipsed it right through the boat as far as the kitchen. YUK!  Thank heavens for washable door mats and Amtico flooring is all I can say. It must have come from the pub gardens but wasn’t from our dogs as I ALWAYS pick up. Those owners who can’t be bothered. shouldn’t be allowed to have a dog.

It was a very showery morning and after mopping the floor and washing the mat, I started  working the locks with Roger driving the boat. The staircase lock at Bascote is large and the gates are huge and extremely heavy.

Bascote staircase bottom lock

We moored for lunch in between locks 16 & 17 and again waited for someone to share the next few locks but we didn’t see anyone coming in either direction. We’re now moored just above lock 22. Some of the pounds between the locks have been a bit low and a notice on lock 22 says that BW had to be called out yesterday as the next pound is really low. It looked Ok to us but we’ll see what it’s like in the morning when we carry on.

middle of nowhere above Lock 22 (no internet)

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