Thursday, 14 July 2011


Today we set off down river again towards Evesham.  I know I keep raving about it, but the River Avon is just SO beautiful.

We cruised through Bidford, through the narrow navigation arch of the single file road bridge and saw trout swimming around the bridge stanchions.  The water is just amazingly clear and in most places you can see the bottom and all the plants and fish. Unlike the canals we haven’t seen any rubbish either.

Every lock is dedicated to it’s benefactor and there are information boards telling you all sorts of things about the people who paid for the locks and the people who actually built them. Most of the time they seem to have been built by prisoners from the local jails or borstal. That’s what I call real community pay-back!

We’re now moored in Evesham and had a quick walk round the town this evening. Abbey Gardens are really pretty and were full of well behaved people having fun. The rowing club is opposite us and tonight must have been beginners night as the rowers didn’t have the same skill or speed as those we’d watched at Stratford.

The Natwest Bank - beautiful

Tree sculpture in Abbey Gardens - The Penny Whistle

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