Saturday, 2 July 2011

Stratford River Festival

We went with Keith & Bronwyn to the welcome party yesterday evening and the live music there was very good. There was a young group singing covers of current chart hits and also some of their own material and then later it was the turn of an older group singing rock songs.

We didn’t fancy the food that was on offer (burgers or hot dogs) so we went into town to The Garrick which is claimed to be the oldest pub in Stratford Upon Avon. We had a really good time as the meal was good and they serve Old Speckled Hen as well.

There’s been a change of mooring plan. Instead of being in between 2 boats, we stayed where we were and they moored against us which worked out brilliantly for getting the dogs on and off the boat.  We needed to turn round though, so that all boats were moored either stern to stern or bow to bow so that when you need to run engines for battery charging no-one has an engine running near their bow. It’s worked very well so far.


The Festival is really good and there have been hundreds of people wandering around today. We put the bunting and fairy lights up this morning and the boat is looking good.  We haven’t seen much of the entertainment yet as I didn’t want to leave the dogs alone on the boat and there are just too many people about to justify taking Charlie with us for any length of time.

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