Friday, 1 July 2011

Stratford Upon Avon

So far I’m really impressed by Stratford Upon Avon. We’ve got lovely moorings on the river by the meadows, but we’ll have to move later today as we’ll be moored alongside another boat, with Keith & Bronwyn then breasted up with us on the outside.

By Wednesday they had 79 boats booked in for the festival and were still receiving enquiries, so it should be very busy. The more the merrier.
The river is even clearer than the River Soar and you can watch the fish swimming around among the weeds.

My only worry, if you can call it that, is that hardly anyone who walks their dogs on the meadows uses a lead. So far we’ve had one dog in the boat and several others either trying to get in or coming round trying to pinch food when we were sat out with snacks last night. The owners seem to think it’s normal and funny? Poor Chico isn’t too impressed as we’re having to keep him inside most of the time.  Yesterday afternoon a couple came past pushing a buggy and at first we thought it was grandparents out with a baby.

It was a 16 year old Westie who was still healthy, if a bit deaf and short sighted like Charle, but who couldn’t walk very far at any one time. They’d been using the buggy for a while so that they could still go out and take the dog with them, stopping every so often for him to get out and have a sniff around.

We did a mammoth grocery shop yesterday by borrowing Keith & Bronwyn’s granny trolley and walking the 1 ½ miles each way to Morrison’s.  I want to have a proper look round the town and maybe do a bit of clothes shopping, but we’ll leave that until after the festival. We’ll probably move off on Monday morning and come back later in the week when most of the boats have gone, then we can stay here for a few more days. We’ve got a licence to be on the river for a month and plan on using every day of it.

Early this morning the Canada Geese came past in a procession on their way downstream for the day. There must have been 200 of them, mostly in single file. The line went on and on and although they’re a real nuisance pooping everywhere and making a racket early in the morning, it was quite a spectacle.

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