Monday, 13 February 2012


When we got up this morning another two of the sheets had blown off the bridge and were floating in the canal. They can’t have been fastened down very well as it wasn’t particularly windy at all last night.

It was a bit chilly first thing so Chico wore the new coat I'd made him for Christmas.

We carried on up the locks and after a drizzly start the weather brightened up considerably. This afternoon it was lovely cruising weather, quite mild and sunny.

There’s certainly no shortage of water on this stretch of the Shroppie as all the bye-washes were like torrents.

We’ve seen quite a few moving boats today and the guys at the Anglo Welsh hire fleet at Bunbury were busy getting several of their boats ready to go out, probably because it’s half term.  We’re now moored just before Hurleston Junction and will turn up onto the Llangollen Canal in the morning.  Before it went dark we took Chico for a short walk up the locks and then crossed the top lock gate to have a look at Hurleston Reservoir which is fed with water from the Llangollen Canal.  You can’t make them out from the photo but there were hundreds of gulls bobbing about on the water.

the feeder from the canal

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