Sunday, 12 February 2012

Here we go again

Roger had an early start this morning to move the car up to the Llangollen Canal and travel back to Chester by train. Whilst he was gone I washed the boat and stocked up at Tesco’s and we finally left Chester just after lunch.

The new lock gates at Greenfield Lock look very nice BUT they haven’t been balanced properly so are an absolute pig to open AND they’re leaking badly because they don’t close properly.

Just past Christleton we had to shift a couple of BW mud hoppers out of the way. Half a dozen of them have been moored there for ages but these two had had their bow pins pulled out, probably by speeding boats,  and were blocking the canal.

It’s been lovely to be on the move again, even though the weather hasn’t been that great. We’ve seen a few bits of floating ice but apart from them the canal’s been clear. We phoned Tattenhall Marina to check they’d got diesel but were told that they didn’t want visitors as the marina is covered by 2inch thick ice so we’ll pick some up tomorrow further up the canal.

We’re now moored near the Shady Oak pub. Last time we passed this way the pub had closed down but today the lights were on so we went for a nosy - and a pint.  The new landlords arrived 3 weeks ago and the pub re-opened last Friday.  They aren’t doing food yet but hope to have the kitchens open again from next Saturday 18th.

On the way, we passed 3 large sheets of what looked like carpet underlay floating in the canal.  When we moored up it became obvious where they'd come from.  Theyd been used as insulation to cover brickwork repairs to Bridge 109 but had blown off in the winds the other night.

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