Friday, 24 February 2012

Llangollen and Horse Shoe Falls

This morning we went down into Llangollen town.  It's quite a small town with a couple of good butchers, a deli, lots of cafes and pie shops and a small Spar supermarket which is really expensive. There are also several pubs and I'm hoping to find somewhere that does a good Sunday roast dinner so if anyone can recommend anywhere please let me know.

This is the view of the River Dee which runs through Llangollen taken from the centre of the bridge.

This is the view from the other side of the bridge.

Believe it or not, we've seen kids jumping from here into the river in the summer.  They would surely be killed if they tried it at the moment.

After lunch we took Chico for a walk to the Horseshoe Falls which is just under 2 miles from the marina.

This is a horseshoe shaped weir designed by Thomas Telford in 1806 to divert some of the water from the River Dee to supply the Llangollen Canal. The water then carries on down the canal for 26 miles to Hurleston Reservoir and the Shropshire Union Canal.

start of the Llangollen Canal, water is diverted from the
river through this pump house into the canal
The spring flowers continue to appear. Today we saw wild primroses, surely a sign that the weather is definitely getting warmer.

This derelict chain bridge spans the river at the Chain Bridge Hotel.  There's a sign on the gate saying that it's under major reconstruction. I think they've got a long way to go yet!

Arriving back at the marina (you can just make out the boats through the trees) you can see how beautiful the scenery is around here.

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Mr T said...

Hi Yvonne - we passed your boat (nearly hitting you actually due to the high winds) at Wrenbury last Thursday. I thought I had heard of your boat and have been following your journey (rather jealously) down the Llangollen. Remember us who have to go back to civvy street on Monday and keep enjoying your life!