Saturday, 18 August 2012

Drama in Worcester

We had a touch of drama this morning.  Roger was eating his breakfast and looking out of the side hatch when a small film crew arrived on the bridge above our mooring.

 The actress was supposed to be quite distressed

and attempt to throw herself off the bridge into the river

The producer/camera man filmed it all from just behind our boat

Now while all this was going on, people were still walking to and fro across the bridge.  I was amazed that only one woman stopped and tried to help/stop her jumping off the bridge.  Everyone else just walked straight past!  She took some reassuring that it it was only a film and was quite shocked and upset. It would have made more sense if the film crew had stopped people crossing the bridge while they were filming.

After lunch we set off again downstream.  The river attracts a different sort of boat and there were lots of "gin palaces" moored everywhere.

Some of them are huge. This shows the scale as the narrowboat was a 57ft hire boat.

We enjoyed our cruise down to Upton on Severn although in places the banks are so high you can't actually see much other than trees.

When we arrived at Upton on Severn there was only one mooring spot left, tucked in against the bank but still on a floating pontoon.  Can you see how high the mooring poles are?

Upton on Severn has the dubious reputation of being the most flooded town in the UK.  It's been flooded 70 times in 40 years.  At least I'll sleep happy tonight knowing that if it floods tonight we have another 20ft. to go up.

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