Thursday, 29 August 2013

Quick Update

There's not a lot happening here at the moment. We've been clearing out our house ready for when we finally get a completion date. We accepted an offer on it almost 4 months ago and expected a quick completion as the new owners we eager to move in, but then their sale fell through so it all came to a complete stand-still until they managed to get a new buyer.

When we haven't been doing that we've been catching up with family and friends, making the most of the car before we finally get rid of it. Once we're free of the house we won't need a car. We don't fancy having to keep moving it with us as we travel around and it's actually cheaper to hire one as and when we need it than to tax and insure it and store it with a relative.

One job I've been meaning to do for ages was to black and polish the fire. It didn't get done last year and the fire was looking a bit neglected.

This polish is easy to use and doesn't smell. You just rub it on with a damp cloth and then wipe off any excess with a dry cloth.

It only took 10 minutes to do 2 coats.

If I'd known it would make such a difference, I'd have done it earlier. The fire looks like new again.

I've also been making jam. I made a batch of Blackberry Jelly but only have one jar left for us as I gave the rest away to friends. Now I want to make some more I haven't been able to find any decent blackberries so I made Apricot and Amaretto jam instead. It's lovely and I've stashed 2 jars away for us now before the rest get snaffled up by friends again. The bread baking is a regular chore as we never buy bread. The shop bought stuff is full of unnecessary ingredients and tastes like cotton wool. The only time we do buy it is if Roger wants some supermarket "cheapest" for fishing. He can roll it into bait balls whereas mine is too course textured to hold together.

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James and Debbie said...

Definitely agree with you about ditching the car. Ours followed us around for the best part of a year swallowing up money and only getting used to move it to another layby that we weren't happy about leaving it. Hiring a car for a long weekend tomorrow for £35, can't go wrong :-)