Sunday, 25 August 2013

Anson Engine Museum

Today we visited Anson Engine Museum at Poynton. We've been meaning to visit the museum for years but have never managed to time it right as it's only open at weekends and when we've been past in the boat it's always been closed.  We went by car and really enjoyed our visit. Lots of the engines were working and the smells and sounds were wonderful.

The first thing we saw was a "portable" generator, maybe just a little too large for a narrowboat?

If you want to read any of the blurb, just double click on the photo.

A brand new Bentley engine

As well as the working steam engines, there was also a craft display in the outside sheds.

Mushrooms growing on a log.

The blacksmiths works

complete with steam hammer

An early clocking-in machine

A printing press

And finally, one for the ladies....a beautiful quilt.

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