Monday, 20 January 2014

Green for Go!

The river level dropped during Saturday night and the green light came on.

Roger phoned ahead to Sileby Mill Boat Yard to check what it was like there and although Sandra said the level was still in amber she thought it was safe enough so we set off for a cruise in glorious sunshine.

This is the river-side view of the weir at Barrow Boating. At the height of the flood the top rail of the barrier was under water!

A new housing development has been built at Mountsorrel since we last cruised this way. These houses look like they've been transplanted from Amsterdam. In front of them is a new basin advertising moorings but so far no-one has moved in.

We were accompanied on our cruise by 3 canoeists. Although they went to have a look at Mountsorrel weir they didn't fancy canoeing down it.  They asked if they could share the lock with us but when I pointed out that a 65ft steel narrowboat could easily crush a fibreglass canoe they had second thoughts and lifted them out on the lock landing and carried them up above the lock.

The level marker at the lock was on amber but the river current was hardly noticeable.

This houseboat was just being built last time we were here. It's not my idea of living afloat but is obviously someone's home.

It's complete with outdoor terrace heating and BBQ

At Sileby Mill we pulled up against the service boat and had a much needed pump-out. We also stocked up on diesel and coal, just in case we get stuck again.

This is the mill pond in between the service boat and the next lock.  

Sandra told us the best way of turning our boat around using the current and although I was a bit apprehensive it was actually really easy. We just aimed the bow for the white frothy water in the centre of the photo which then pushed it right round until we were facing the other way.

We had a good cruise back and shared the locks with another boat that was going back into Pillings Lock Marina. We'll be here for a few days while I catch up on the laundry and get an Asda delivery but we won't be stopping long.  There's a big furore going on at the moment as C&RT are threatening to block access to the marina as the management haven't paid their bills.  This morning 4 boats left and I have no doubt that more will follow. Maybe those basin moorings at Mountsorrel will fill up after all.

This morning it was very frosty and after his walk Chico decided he was going to blag the prime spot in the boat. He sat there toasting himself for over an hour.

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