Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Still stuck

The flood warning light changed from red to green on Sunday afternoon so theoretically we could have moved, but we're facing upstream and need to go to Meadow Farm to turn round and the river level was still too high up there. By Monday morning the light was back on red and after more rain the Environment Agency website was showing rising levels again. We monitor the EA site every day but as fast as the level drops it rises again so I doubt we'll be going anywhere soon.

That's starting to be a bit of an inconvenience as the toilet tank gauge is creeping up. We should be OK for another week but yesterday someone told me about a company operating a mobile pump-out service so my job for today is to investigate that possibility. If we can turn round and get back down Barrow Deep Lock we'll be fine as we can go back into Pillings Lock Marina and use their machine. It's very expensive though at £14 for 4 minutes pump time. The last time we used it it took 2 goes to empty the tank by only a quarter, so we'd much prefer to be able to get upstream to Sileby Mill where their machine is far more efficient.

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