Saturday, 29 November 2014

Now that's what I call a Snowman!

We had a wonderful few days away with our children and grand-children and now we're back we've started cruising again. I don't like being in a marina and just pottering about killing time was really boring, but now we've got a plan and are heading to Braunston for the weekend to meet up with friends. Next week we're heading to Rugby and then onwards to spend some time on the Ashby Canal.  It seems like the Ashby may be quite busy this winter as almost all the continuous cruisers we've spoken to recently are heading that way too.

Coming up the Buckby flight of locks yesterday we came across this huge snowman.

At first glance he appeared to be in the middle of nowhere but as we cruised past we could see that he was in the car park of a pub/restaurant and was actually a bouncy castle. There were a couple of young men inside having a really good jump around too!

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