Sunday, 12 April 2015

Hooky in the sun

Hasn't the weather been fantastic this week?  We've had warm sunny days although the nights have still been a bit chilly and mornings have been quite foggy early on.

We left Nantwich and spent a night at Barbridge by the junction with the Middlewich Branch where Roger picked up a small job, but the traffic noise from the main road was too loud with lorries rumbling past all night so we moved on again the next day.  We found a much quieter spot near the winding hole before Cholmondeston Lock and spent a couple of days there while I sat outside hooking doing my crochet and Chico worked on his tan.

Roger started sorting out the winter damage to our paintwork. He's been touching up scratches and treating the odd rust spot in near perfect painting conditions although he's been feeling a bit under the weather having caught a cold from someone last weekend.

It's been quite an eventful week for us as we've met a few boats we haven't seen for a while and three of the boats we built passed us.

This is our inspection launch which was originally named "Kindle" but has now been re-named "Patience" by it's new owners

"Rhapsody in Blue" used to be owned by our very good friends/customers Dan & Sharon but has now changed hands and was being enjoyed by its new owners.

Another of our boats called "Obsession" passed us a couple of times but unfortunately I never had the camera to hand at the time. It's really nice to see so many of our boats out cruising and being kept in such good condition.

As we approached this pair I thought it was a mare with a foal, but isn't he an adorable little donkey. Luckily his "fifth leg" withdrew a bit just as I grabbed the camera but I now know where the phrase "donkey dick" comes from. For such a little donkey he was extremely well endowed......blush.....

I love cruising at this time of year. There are flowers everywhere and the expectant father mallards were sunning themselves while their mates were hidden away brooding.

After spending a nice week out of town we needed to make a return visit to Nantwich to collect mail that we'd had sent to the Post Restante at Nantwich Sorting Office. The staff here are well accustomed to taking in mail for boaters, unlike some post offices we've tried in the past who haven't even been aware of the service.  My GP has been very obliging this time and has sent me 3 months worth of prescriptions which will last me over the summer. The only problem is that none of the pharmacies in Nantwich had any stock of my pills so we've had to order them for collection on Tuesday and I'll probably pop back into town on the bus to get them as we're moving on again tomorrow.

On Friday we had a good evening out with another couple of old work colleagues/friends Graham & Elaine. Graham runs Touchwood Boatbuilders and has built their own boat "Henderson"

I know I've got a warped sense of humour but this sign really tickled me, especially as the hatch cover was being blown out at the time............

We'd intended moving today but the weather has taken a turn for the worse and it's blowing a hooley with waves on the canal. With Roger still suffering from a cold and it also being the Chinese Grand Prix we didn't need too much persuasion to stay another night but we're definitely moving tomorrow.

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Graham and Jill Findlay said...

Poor Roger, tell him "Welcome to the snotty nose club," from the both of us who are barking like a pair of seals.