Monday, 3 August 2015


We carried on into Aylesbury today. The canal is very overgrown in places and we didn't see another moving boat all day, which is a shame as it's a really pretty canal with lots of fruit trees in the hedgerows almost ready for harvesting. There are sloes, damsons, apples and LOTS of blackberry bushes.

The canal ends at a new basin with good pontoon moorings. It's overlooked by Waitrose and a Travelodge

and the Waterside Theatre which is a really beautiful modern building

The moorings are only a five minute walk away from the town centre which has every major chain shop you could wish for plus a large number of good charity shops and an even larger number of pubs. It's a shame it's a no-alcohol day as some of them looked really inviting. We're resisting the temptation though, as since we went teetotal for the Dry January appeal we now only drink at weekends - except when we're on holiday of course!

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