Friday, 7 August 2015

Back on the move again

We enjoyed our short stay in Aylesbury. The moorings were noisy during the day due to the building site adjacent to the basin, but that'll soon be finished and then it will be a good, quiet, safe place to stay. If you wanted to leave your boat for any length of time the Aylesbury Canal Society offer free visitor moorings in Circus Field Basin which is about half a mile out of town.

We hired a car and went to meet our new grandson. He's gorgeous but slept the whole time we were there. By the time we get to see him again he'll have grown a bit and hopefully be more interesting.

Yesterday we returned up the 16 locks out of the Aylesbury Arm and are now back on the Grand Union. It's been a glorious sunny day again and we shared the first 7 locks with a young couple who were on the last day of their holiday.

We'd just got to the top of the second lock when we saw this bat clinging to the wall.

I've never seen one so close during the day before and it was trying to get behind the pub sign. It was really cute but scared the volunteer lockie when it finally decided to fly off in search of a better roost.

11 locks after setting off we moored in Northchurch and went walkabout. It's a residential/commuter village with 2 churches and a pub but no shops. It does however have the poshest allotments I've ever seen. All the plots were immaculate and full of produce. This old guy was very busy and made me smile with his hankie on his head to keep the sun off.

Let's hope this lovely weather stays for a few more days.

Bye for now


Janet said...

Northchurch does have shops: Tesco with Post Office counter, Fish and Chip shop, Bakers, Piano shop.

Yvonne said...

Thanks Janet, I'll mark it in my book. We must have been looking in the wrong places as the only shop we came across was the piano one.