Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Birmingham Bound

Hi, how are you today?

We've had a busy few days travelling and thankfully the weather has turned out nice again today.

Audlum and Adderly Locks were remarkably quiet when we came up the other day. I like these locks as I can shop along the way.

I picked up some scones and clotted cream from the cake stall at Audlum Top Lock

and some pork and black pudding sausages from the farm shop at Adderly

CRT have been busy along Woodseaves Cutting, reinforcing the unstable banking  and improving the quagmire that used to be the towpath

On Saturday we stopped off at Norbury to pick up diesel and empty the loo tank and then realised that it was the Norbury Canal Festival so we called it a day and moored up.  I felt really sorry for the exhibitors as the weather was dreadful with frequent heavy rain and hail.  No sooner had they opened up their stalls/boats for business than the heavens opened and they had to tarp up again to protect their wares.

Narrowboaters tend to call small fibreglass boats "yogurt pots" and this one was moored in front of us. It's owner obviously has a good sense of humour.......

Yesterday we came up the Wolverhampton 21 Locks. They're really well maintained and easy to do BUT there's a dire lack of water due to leaking gates and several of the pounds between the locks were too low to get through which meant that we had to keep letting water down from above. After a very peaceful night (apart from the noise of the trains) moored in the basin just above the top lock we're now on our way to the Black Country Museum for fish and chips.

The blog might be a bit erratic for a week or so as we've got family commitments coming up. Also I've got a bit embroiled in my latest crochet project which is taking up most of my free time as I'm on a deadline to finish it. Before I could start it I had to finish the last project which is a blanket for the grandkids using up all my odds and ends....... which means I can justify going yarn shopping again...YIPPEE!

Bye for now, enjoy the sunshine while you can

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