Thursday, 12 May 2016

Pies and rock & roll

Hi, nice to see you.

We stopped overnight at the Black Country Museum as planned but didn't go to the chippy after all. The museum was over-run with school children so we decided to give it a miss and walk to Tipton instead. It's only a 10 minute walk to Mad O'Roarke's Pie Factory. If you've never been it's well worth the visit.

It's quite a strange place, with sawdust on the floors and buckets and jugs hanging from the ceilings.

oh....and pigs heads on the walls!

The pies are amazing and the local speciality "battered chips" were just gorgeous.  Not the healthiest of lunches but we'll definitely be back........especially as Monday is BOGOF day.

It's changed a lot at the museum since we were there 2 years ago as they've built this flash new visitor centre.

At Smethwick the Engine Arm was closed and the aqueduct was empty while it was being relined and renovated.

The Toll House at Smethwick top lock has been vandalised. It makes you wonder just what sort of buzz the morons get doing things like that!

We're now in Birmingham.  It's strange but mooring in this city always seems like coming home.

As usual there's plenty to see and do.  The library looks spectacular by day but by night it's even better.

This week it's the International Dance Festival and there's a big stage set up in Centenary Square between the ICC and the library and there's free gigs and dance events on every night.

Last night it was The Machine.  They were really good, although the  'interpretative dance' exhibition did nothing for me. It was just too weird.

Bye for now, see you again soon.

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