Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Haw Bridge Inn moorings

Hello, welcome back

Before we left Upton yesterday I popped back into town for a few groceries. The bakery sells delicious pasties so I picked up a chicken & chorizo for Roger and a veggie one for me. We had them with salad for lunch. They were so nice it would be worth stopping off just to buy them, even if you don't intend staying overnight.

Upton is a very floral town and there are poppies everywhere, which is nice as they're my favourite flower!

The boys were waiting for me to return so we could carry on our journey

but there was no need to rush as these dragon boats full of kids were passing through. They were having a great time and I could hear the laughter and screams from a long way off.

We've never seen the gravel barges in operation before

Why is it that you always meet something like this on a blind bend? It was very heavily laden.

We passed this trip boat as it came out of Upper Lode Lock. Once again the lock was set for us so Roger couldn't try out the VHF radio but he has managed to listen in on a few conversations so we know it's working.

We decided to split the trip to Gloucester into two halves and moored at the Haw Bridge Inn for the night. The guys said it would have been too long a trip at over 4 hours in one hit, but I suspect they'd plotted to go to the pub - which they did while I cooked dinner.

It's not a dog friendly mooring as the walkway up to the pub is very rickety and full of holes. It's safe enough for humans but I had to carry Chico up and down as I didn't want him to get a paw caught in one of the holes.

We're carrying on into Gloucester later today.
See you soon

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