Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Duck with sage anyone?

Hi, welcome back on this glorious sunny morning here on the River Severn.

I LOVE rivers!

We moored at Worcester on Sunday night, nice quiet moorings but £4 a night - and the rubbish disposal point has been removed.

Yesterday we moved down stream to Upton on Severn.  The weirs are big but well guarded

Roger wanted to try out his VHF radio by contacting the lock-keeper to get him to set the lock for us, but they've installed CCTV cameras since we were last here and the lockie beat him to it as he saw us coming.

Everywhere is green or in blossom and there was a viola growing on the lock wall.

As soon as we moored on the pontoon at Upton we were visited by this very tame female. She was trying to hide from the drakes and tried getting inside the boat at one point.

This morning another female had stowed away in my herb tub. She'd dug herself a lovely little hallow right in the middle of the sage and was trying to pretend she was invisible.  I know sage goes very well with duck but she was taking her chances moving in with us. We love duck - with sage and orange sauce of course!

I checked she hadn't laid any eggs before evicting her. Cheeky thing came straight back as soon as I turned my back so I've had to put a fender in her spot until we move later. The sage is totally squashed but no doubt it'll spring back.

We're moving on again later and are aiming to go into Gloucester tomorrow.

See you soon, don't forget your sunscreen!

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