Saturday, 13 August 2011


We did the final leg of the River Severn this morning and went up the narrow 2 staircase locks into Stourport Basin.
turning into the narrow staircase locks
It was only 2.00pm when we arrived but we got the last vacant mooring (seems we‘re lucky like that) and lots more boats came past later looking for a spot. A few had to turn round and go back up the next lock onto the 5 day moorings.

We had a wander round the town but there's not much to see apart from a fairground, lots of amusement shops and several charity shops. It looks like Stourport is quite a depressed area. We also paid a quick visit to Lidl although if we’d waited till tomorrow we could have moored right outside it.

Roger came across THIS website. I think if we win the lottery we may have to upgrade our boat!

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