Friday, 30 September 2011


I haven’t posted anything this week while we were at Boothstown as I didn’t want to bore you with details of our family visits and shopping trips.

The weather has been amazingly hot this week and this morning was no exception. We got up early, took the car back to the garage and walked the 3.3 miles back to the boat in glorious sunshine. After filling up with water and emptying the toilet tank we set off towards Manchester.

The trip was pretty uneventful but we are really starting to notice the change of season as trees change colour and drop their leaves.

Autumn in Worsley 
It’s about 5 years since we came to Manchester by canal and there have been lots of changes.
The Container Base has moved canal-side and towers above the water.

We passed Manchester United F.C. No doubt it’ll be busy here tomorrow as there’s a match on.

This is Throstle Nest Bridge at White City. It’s quite a busy bridge but the artwork is only visible from the canal.

We were followed into Manchester by a Zeppelin.

At Pomona the canal meets the Manchester Ship Canal and follows the Metro for a while.

Manchester Ship Canal seen beneath the
Metro elevated section

Pomona Metro Station
Pomona Lock - down onto the Manchester Ship Canal

For 2 years we launched all our boats here at Potato Wharf. It used to be a thriving residential boat community but the surrounding area has now been developed and mooring is no longer allowed there.

All along the canal coming into Manchester they've built high rise flats. Some are quite nice but since the property slump the majority are inhabited by Polish and other migrant workers.

There were 2 of these disabled access lifts alongside the canal, within 100 yards of each other and both giving access to the same stretch of tow-path. What a waste of money!  One would have been sufficient and there was also a wheelchair ramp too.

Another  ‘des-res’ - duck style!

We're now moored in Castslefield Basin in the centre of Manchester. It’s lovely here and very busy. Having lived in Manchester all my life it'll be quite different to be here on a boat and to view the city as a tourist, not a resident.

view from our boat of the Hilton Hotel