Monday, 20 August 2012

Back to Worcester

I thought you might like to see how high the flood waters rose here at Upton, back in May.
The pontoon we were moored to last night rises up the pole

and in May someone called Dave marked the level with a painted line. That must have been scary!

As Upton floods regularly, new flood defences have been installed since we were here in August last year.  On the outskirts of the town they have built a long raised grassy bank to keep the waters back.  In times of flood they close these huge steel gates across the road. There's another one on the other side of the road and  when closed they butt up against a rubber seal to keep the water back.

Over the weekend my eczema flared up again and I only had a very small amount of cream left so at 8.10 this morning I phoned Upton Surgery to see if I could get a doctors appointment and prescription.  The receptionist was very helpful when I explained that we were on a boat and only in Upton for a couple of days.  I got an appointment for 8.50, walked the mile and a half there, saw the doctor, got the prescription filled, walked back home to the boat and was sat drinking coffee by 9.20.  Great service or what?  We haven't needed to see a doctor since we've been living on the boat so I wasn't quite sure how it would work.  All I had to provide was a postal address, so they knew which health authority to bill. They didn't ask for any form of I.D. and just registered me as a temporary resident/holidaymaker.

After lunch we set off back to Worcester, stopping on the way for water at Diglis lock.  While the tank was filling I went blackberry picking so tonight I'm going to make Bramble Jelly.  The next lot of blackberries I come across have been ear-marked for Blackberry Ripple Ice-cream.


Paul said...

aha hugh fernlee whatsit recipes from the guardian?

Yvonne said...

actually I haven't read a newspaper since I gave up work, too much doom and gloom for me I'm afraid. His Veg Everyday book is good though.