Sunday, 5 August 2012

Black Country Museum

We had a really good time with Jill and Graham on board n.b Armadillo last night. Thanks for your hospitality guys.

Today we set off for the Black Country Museum as we're spending the day there tomorrow with my sister and her family.  We had a nice leisurely cruise and managed to moor up quite easily outside the museum as it wasn't busy.

On the way I made quail scotch eggs with the eggs I bought at Birmingham market yesterday.  I've previously posted the recipe HERE

This time I made them with some garlicy Toulouse sausages and while they tasted delicious, the sausage meat was too coarsely minced and I struggled to get it to wrap tidily round the eggs.  If you plan to make them at any time make sure you get the finer sausage meat that usually comes in cheaper sausages.

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