Sunday, 21 April 2013

On to Bugsworth Basin

This morning we had a visit from the coal boat n.b.Alton We filled up with diesel (88.5p/l) and took on a couple of bags of coal which will hopefully be the last we'll need this year. Shortly after they'd gone we carried on towards Bugsworth Basin.

Sadly we passed two boats which had been vandalised/burnt out.

The second boat wasn't very old at all but looks to be a total write-off.

The canal seems to be suffering from several out-breaks of "DEFRA rash". There are quite a few sections of towpath which are falling into the canal and badly in need of repair.

At New Mills we passed the Swizzells-Matlow sweets factory which as usual smelled strongly of Love Hearts and Sherbet Dib Dabs......mmmmmm yummy

This was another view of New Mills with the beautifully arched railway viaduct.

Stopping en-route just before Carrs Swing Bridge we had this lovely view from the dinnette while we ate our lunch. It's a smallholding with fat black pigs and lots of hens.

Many of the bridge approaches have been planted with beautiful daffodils

which really show mine up. We didn't plant them until the beginning of December and they are really stunted. The flowers are pretty enough but the stems are only a couple of inches tall.

Just past Furness Vale Marina this willow fencing has finally been cut back. It was planted a few years ago but was a navigational nightmare as it grew out of control and both blocked the view down the canal and scratched passing boats. It's much better now.

Finally arriving at Bugsworth Basin it was interesting to see that the designated reed shelf, which narrows the canal to single file,  is still devoid of any plant life.

We just managed to get moored up as the heavens opened. We've moored in this same spot several times before, it's handy for the dog and we get good TV satellite reception but the internet is pretty poor. It's taken me ages to upload tonight's blog.

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