Friday, 9 August 2013

Ince Moss Shale Pit Nature Reserve

We're off cruising for the weekend................

A sudden downpour delayed our departure but it soon brightened up and we headed off towards Plank Lane where we stopped for lunch while we filled up with water.

The traffic wasn't too busy and the bridge opens fairly quickly but it could do with a bit of grease as it squeaks something awful!  

Just past the lift bridge we came across this boat with it's land-based transport attached on the stern.

I've never seen a motorbike decorated with canal art before!

My tomatoes are coming along really well and although they're quite small they taste like "proper" toms, rather than the insipid ones you get in the supermarket. Little mouthfuls of summer!

We'd planned on turning the boat around in the winding hole just past bridge 2B but this proved to be a bit problematical to say the least. The winding hole has a fallen tree in the apex plus it's very shallow and could do with dredging. It's also very shallow on the towpath side and there must have been some rocks under the water which popped the rudder out of the skeg. Luckily there weren't any boats about as it took Roger about 20 minutes to sort things out and repair the rudder.

Eventually we managed to turn the boat and reverse about a 1/4 mile to moor beside Ince Moss Shale Pit Nature Reserve.

It's a lovely spot and has given me plenty of opportunity to play with my new camera while Roger drowns a few maggots. He says the fishing's good and has already caught a few bream & perch.

The zoom is pretty amazing. This is a close up of the little island you can just see in the centre of the photo above.

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