Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Onward and Upward

It was a lovely sunny day yesterday so while Roger was away I got the washing done and dried it outside and also caught up with the cleaning and baking.

Today we set off late morning, timing it just right so that a boat came down Willeymoor lock just as we set off to go up it. It was another hire boat, this time a woman with two small boys and two dogs. As we watched them head off in the opposite direction the woman disappeared inside and left a boy of about 7 or 8 steering the boat. He could hardly see over the boat and was zigzagging from side to side down the cut while trying to avoid tripping over one of the dogs. It beggars belief, do these people not realise how dangerous boats and canals can be or am I just over-reacting?

We had a good trip up Grindley Brook Lock flight, helped by the lovely Jill from n.b. Armadillo who was on her way back from the shop and opened a couple of sets of lock gates for us. Thank you Jill!

By the time we got to the staircase locks I'd had enough of working the locks and swapped with Roger so that he could do the work while I drove.  How is it that he always manages to have someone turn up to help him and how is it it's almost always a chatty blonde?

Going into the first lock the water was pouring over the top gates. It was a bit scary actually and although Roger said there was plenty of room in front of the boat I wouldn't fancy doing it in a 70ft one. I'd be scared the torrent would flood the bow.

Going from the first lock into the second with the chatty blonde having arrived to help

Looking back down the staircase

Almost at the top

We pulled in for water at the top, having lunch while the tank was filling and afterwards had a quick chat to Graham and Jill before carrying on to moor at Whitchurch. The arm is quite busy with boats showing winter mooring permits but we're running short of food so need a trip into town tomorrow.

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